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Jens Vagelpohl skrev:

Mind what I said (or tried to say). If you are a *new developer*, with a *new project*, you are far better of starting with Zope 3 than with Zope 2.

That's questionable. Answers like this only add to a certain FUD factor out there about Zope2 being thrown out shortly.

You don't have to throw out Zope 2 to start using Zope 3. Just ignore Zope 2 and get on with it.

If you need features that are in Zope 2 but not in Zope 3, you are better of using a framework like Plone.

Hell no. Trying to throw a complete newbie not just into developing with Zope, but developing with Plone on top of Zope is, IMHO, insane. Not only do you need to learn Zope, you also need to learn the various Plone programming paradigms.

That is why I recommended Zope 3 as the first choice. Zope 3 is clearly ready for production. In many areas it is allready far better than Zope 2.

I don't understand why it is better for a newbie to learn Zope 2 than Zope 3? Zope 2 has so many warts, and is a dead end.

That's just bad advice, unless someone truly wants those portal-like functionalities in Plone.

And if they don't, they should use Zope 3.

I did not say that Zope 2 was useless. I still spend most of my time working on Plone based projects.

This is a case of professional "blinders". You've been working with a specific combination for years so these things come easy to you. The problem is you don't seem to see that there is healthy life outside of Plone. Or outside of Zope 3, for that matter.

Well the problem is that Zope 2 was never easy for beginners either. And by now it is starting to get phased out for Zope 3.

This is the first I have heard about Zope 2 being phased out...


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