Nancy Donnelly wrote:

You really need to sort your mail client out...

You may also want to look at MailingLogger
( so that you
get emailed salient log entries...

Nice! I like that! But I'm confused on one thing. In your instructions, you say:

import Products.MailingLogger

Not really, it's a snippet for inserting into zope.conf alongside the other logging configuration. You appear to have chopped off the %, which you need to make it a valid zope.conf import statement.

I assume that's at the instance level, where the zope.conf file is? That's a command, correct?

No, see my previous comment.

# Zope zctl settings
ZOPE_HOME = pjoin(HERE, '../..', 'ZopeSoftwareHome')
ZOPE_OPTS = '-p - -D'
ZOPE_PORT = 7080
ZOPE_LOG = pjoin(HERE, 'var', 'debug.log')
'OtherProducts') + ":%(INSTANCE_PRODUCTS)s")

# ZEO Environment settings
# ZEO zctl settings
ZEO_WAIT_BAILOUT = 160 # Don't try for more than num seconds

What on earth is this? It's certainly note a zope.conf file...

What version of Zope are you running?

Also, can you tell me how to enter a variable into the eventlog "to" email 
address so that I could change it in a file on the server whenever I wanted to? I've been 
wondering how to do that.

I'm afraid I have no idea what you're talking about here...



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