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Nancy Donnelly wrote:
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> From: Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> First up, rifling through my trash, I noticed a response of yours to a 
> previous email that I missed. Concerning the line of my script:
> try:
>     mailhost=getattr(context, context.superValues('Mail Host')[0].id)
> what should I substitute for "Mail Host" if I want to call Maildrop? I tried 
> "Maildrop Host" but for some crazy reason the script redirected to a slightly 
> different URL and threw an error. (That URL should have worked anyway due to 
> inheritance, so I don't know what's up.) This is the information in the 
> Maildrop README that wasn't helpful in this regard:
>       - Now you can create emails using e.g. the dtml-sendmail tag and
>         point the sendmail tag to the Maildrop Host instance using the
>         mailhost="XYZ" argument inside the sendmail tag, or by using
>         the MailHost API (see the Zope Help System).
> Now, the rest ;)
>> Not really, it's a snippet for inserting into zope.conf alongside the 
>> other logging configuration. You appear to have chopped off the %, which 
>> you need to make it a valid zope.conf import statement.
> Okay, corrected and entered into zope.conf
> Yes, Chris, the below is, in fact, my zope.conf file. I inherited
> this box. All I can tell you is the below code does, in fact, work. I've
> added yours to it and now we'll see if they play nicely together ;) I am
> running Zope 2.7.8. I welcome any suggestions, of course :)

The script you are using to start Zope with looks like it must be
'zctl', the ancient precursor to the current 'zopectl':  it 'execed' its
Python config file (which is what you have here).  That version was
never shipped with Zope, and has not been in active use by its authors
(I'm one of them) for more than three years now.

None of Chris' advice, which applies to *curreent* Zope config stuff, is
going to apply to your setup.

>> # Zope zctl settings
>> ZOPE_HOME = pjoin(HERE, '../..', 'ZopeSoftwareHome')
>> ZOPE_OPTS = '-p - -D'
>> ZOPE_PORT = 7080
>> ZOPE_LOG = pjoin(HERE, 'var', 'debug.log')
>> 'OtherProducts') + ":%(INSTANCE_PRODUCTS)s")
>> # ZEO Environment settings
>> #ZEO['ZEO_SERVER_NAME'] = 'www.example.com'
>> ZEO['ZEO_SERVER_PORT'] = 9999
>> # ZEO zctl settings
>> ZEO_WAIT_BAILOUT = 160 # Don't try for more than num seconds

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