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| --- Andrew Milton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
| > I'm having a hard time working out what your problem
| > is.
| > 
| > "If anything, the Zope developers have given us too
| > much. In an attempt to protect us from ourselves,
| > they have severly limited what we can do."

| Please don't be mean.  I've been a programmer since
| 1979.

I've been cutting code since '76, what's your point? Or are you just pissing
for distance?

| I've done a lot of things in this last 27
| years.  If I can't make a tool dance and sing within
| two years of picking it up, then the chances are that
| the tool itself isn't measuring up.  If there is
| something specific you want to address, please do.

If you haven't worked out how to do any of the things you mentioned
in two years, I don't think it matters what system you use.

I absolutely cannot believe you haven't worked out how to log someone in from
a web form in two years of using Zope (especially given there's at least one
specialised product, and a whole bunch of generic ones that do this out of
the box for you). This single point alone would lead me to believe you're 
some porky pies (to be "nice" about it).

For someone who's been around for 27 years, I'd have expected you to have at
least once looked at the code... (if only to find out how the ZMI was sorting
on date), if you can't find any explicit documentation.

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