My recommendation would be to use a real mailing list manager like mailman instead...


Nancy Donnelly wrote:
I'm running into trouble getting Mail Boxer to play nicely with qMail. I've 
installed and tested Maildrop Host. It works ok, so that potential bug is 
eliminated. I was confused as to where to put, so I put it here:
/usr/bin/ and symlinked it here:
just to be safe ;)
One of the how-to's I read said I should create the following file:
where "foo" is the name of my list, and enter the following line by itself:
    foo: "| 
where the second "foo/mailinglist" is my path to the Mail Boxer instance.
and finally I send a message to [EMAIL PROTECTED] but I didn't get anything 
Did I get subscribed? How do I know? I don't see any entry in the "maillist" in 
the properties tab.

Also, one of the how-to's said I should set up a forwarding email address. 
That's not necessary, is it?


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