Andrew Milton wrote:
+-------[ michael nt milne ]----------------------
| "yeah, I can see how this kind of attitude draws lots and lots of new
| followers to zope."

Oh, he's still alive, how unfortunate...

Thanks, Andrew, for helping him avoid my procmail rule :-(

| whole attitude here is one of sneering and schoolboy name calling.

You need to trust that those you can identify as senior members of the
community, are telling the rest of you that this guy is full of crap.

Sadly, Michael is coming from the "full of crap" position himself... then again, I thought it took one to know one... apparently not ;-)

The single thing that should have alerted you that something was up.

*** Chris Withers and I agreed on something d8)

Yeah, this is somewhat of a system invariant ;-)

Imagine for a moment this guy came to you for a job, claiming 25+ years of
dev experience, and 2+ years of Zope experience.

Michael wouldn't know a Zope developer if one bit him on the nose...

The people slagging this guys are pissed. Because the guy has done NO
research, and no reading whatsover, and then claims Zope needs to be
rewritten (of course, it IS already being rewritten, which shows how much 
research he
did, but, not for any of the reasons he listed [because they are crap]).

My point exactly...

Interestingly, I offer Nancy Donnelly as a counter point here. She's similarly new here, but is trying hard to learn and understand, and is taking a "hey, these guys can help me" attitude. Sure enough, she's getting plenty of help...

It's not all newbies who get into trouble here, just those who ask for it...


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