Chris Withers said the following on 11/15/2006 09:00 AM:
>> But us going on like "you obviously don't get it, do you? In fact, you
>> dont seem to get anything about the web, even. Go away!" 
> If that's true, then why not?

because it is not nice and we behave like them if we do? :-)

>> either: instead of getting an enlightened zope user, we get yet another
>> "zope sucks"-person with a bunch of misconceptions about zope out in the
>> wild.
> Some people can't be helped...

well, we don't need more of them, so we should avoid that as much as we

>> Everybody needs to be treated with some degree of respect, and it's not
> Sorry, I disagree. Respect is a mutual thing.

oh, yes, but when someone solicits opinions and gets whacked in the head
 because we don't like his ideas, then it is us that lack in respect,
not them.

>> Yes, in general, but in our case, I get the feeling that *anyone* that
>> does not agree with the zope-philosophy, or questions the way zope
>> works, gets a smack in the head. This is just the latest example.
> Nah, I don't agree, sorry. If that had been the case, how did Zope 3
> come into being? ;-)

Because Jim is not someone to get smacked in the head? :-)

>> I am not trying to tell people how to behave, though, even if it may
>> sound like it - I am just trying to point out some things about our
>> attitude that we should be aware of as a community.
> I'd say, as a community, we don't tolerate fools lightly. I see that as
> a good thing...

It is a problem because that makes us stand out as bunch of ignorable,
elitist *ssh*les  to the world. That is not a good thing in my book.



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