Sinang, Danny said the following on 11/17/2006 01:33 AM:
> Hello,
> Is there a Zope product out there that would allow me to check into SVN
> my Zope objects (i.e. TAL pages, Python scripts, and ZSQLMethods) ?
> If not, can anyone here show me some skeleton code to :
> 1. Enumerate these objects
> 2. Reference them as files

if you are not using a too recent zope, you could use APE to mount a
filesystem based storage, and copy all your code there. APE will store
your code on the filesystem.

Then using either CMF, Plone or products such as FileSystemSite you can
create Filesystem Directory views that "opens a readonly hole from the
zodb to the fielsystem".

Note that this is a somewhat messy one way operation; after succeeding
you should keep working on the filesystem, enjoy better editors and
source code control tools :-)

Hope this helps.


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