Now, the second step. I now have a basic understanding of how zope works thank
to the zope book. I want to start developing my website. I had a look at the
different products available and my god ! there are hundreds of them.

None of them who really do exactly what you want. Most products that are Open Source do stuff which is highly relevant only to Zope solutions.

So, I am asking for advice. My website is going to be fairly simple. I need a
user base which I don't expect to grow beyond 100 users, and for each user I
need a pretty typical login/register/lost your password page and probably a
cookie based session tracking.

Any product that covers my needs ? I had a quick look at a few user products,
but most of them seem to be targetted to authenticate users through external
resources (database, apache, ...) while I just need the good old cookie way.

I've written a few of these now. We have our own user database and write our own login form, permissions, user admin all in python and SQL using nothing of the Zope security that you've read about in the book. Example::

  def attemptLogin(self, username, password):
      user = self.SQLSelectUser(username=username, password=password)
      if user:
          self.REQUEST.SESSION.set('uid', user.uid)

You can use the Zope object database for some configuration or content management but continue to most of the business in SQL and just use Zope as a framework rather than an application server.

One hint: If you stick to Zope 2.8.8 or older you can use Product Refreshing which means you won't have to restart Zope for every trivial little change or upgrades.

        Thanks in advance,

        Philippe Fremy

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