> So, I am asking for advice. My website is going to be fairly simple. I need a
> user base which I don't expect to grow beyond 100 users, and for each user I
> need a pretty typical login/register/lost your password page and probably a
> cookie based session tracking.
> Any product that covers my needs ? I had a quick look at a few user products,
> but most of them seem to be targetted to authenticate users through external
> resources (database, apache, ...) while I just need the good old cookie way.
There is PAS (Pluggable Authentication Service). It has some plugins
built in. In your case the simplest configuration may be:

1. Install PAS product

2. Create a folder with ZMI and set permissions you want (usually View
for authenticated users)

3.Add PAS instance to this folder - this will create acl_users folder

4. Go to acl_users and add two plugins:
  1. CookieCrumbler (or something like that - I don't remember name)
  2. ZODB UserManager

5. Activate these plugins (in their properties)

6. Go to ZODB UserManager plugin and add a new users
   and open new browser window and try to access your folder.

7. AFAIR you may define own login page and set property for cookie
crubler to use this.

8. Forgot password needs to be done somewhere else.

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