<p i18n:translate="" i18n:target="string:en">

It doesn't work. I cannot specify the target language.

I am in Zope 2.9.4.
Just a guess: Don't you need to specify a domain as well?
Ok, I tested it as well and it didn't work either. I just found it is a
bug and here is a patch:

However be careful when using patches, specially when working with
unicode data. You have to make sure they don't concatenate normal
strings and unicode: This is really difficult to debug.

I think that the "i18n:target" directive is only useful you want to show
a text in a zpt which must be always rendered in the same language (ie:
some governmental entities shows first an English version of a official
document, then immediately above there is a version let's say in
spanish). But if what you want is to change the language in the whole
zpt, then implementing your IUserPreferredLanguages would do the trick.

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