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I would like some suggestions on building a dynamic quiz.

 There are categories and in each category the question can be multiple
choice or true/false. For each category a specific number of questions is
asked.  The questions asked are randomly chosen from a collection of
questions for the category. The number of questions chosen may be different
for each category.

 category one - 3 questions
 category two - 1 question
 category three - 2 questions

My first thought is a python script does the randomization selecting questions from my postgresql database. Quizzes submitted updates the database counting
correct and wrong answers and emails the results to the student and

A second thought is a python script builds a dtml page quiz from individual dtml files which categories can be folders with an individual dtml file for
each question.  Then submit questions and answers to database and email
student and instructors.

A third thought is create a collection of complete quizzes and then randomly
select a quiz (least preferred).

I've searched and the closest I could find was on the zope edu wiki just
discussing an aggregated quiz but I haven't found where that has been
persued. Most or all quiz products create static quizzes not one that can
be built "on the fly".  Any other designs would be appreciated.

If I was building this app I would have a dtml method (or ZPT, whatever you are most comfortable with) that invokes a python script (or external method) to provide data for the dtml/zpt form fields. A second dtml method/zpt would be used as the form processor, it would invoke a python script/external method to process the form data input by the user (update db, send email, whatever) and then display some confirmation/thank you message to the user.

Pretty straightforward app.

Have fun!


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