Maurits van Rees wrote:
Chris Withers, on 2006-11-28:
Paul Winkler wrote:
I still prefer zdb, because you can actually see and step through the
script code.

Do you mean you can put this in a .cpy file:

If you go back in the thread, you'll see I explicitly stated that .cpy's are not covered because they choose to do their own silly thing.

  from Products.zdb import set_trace

and then you can see the script code in the debugger?

For normal python skin scripts, yes :-)

When I try that I end up in the debugger, but I don't see anything
different from the normal pdb.set_trace().  When I press 'l' I just
see [EOF] like always.  Is there a trick I am missing?

Yeah, don't use .cpy's ;-)

It *would* be neat! :)

It would indeed, it'd just require more monkeypatching of the same style that zdb does already. Reading zdb's code, particular the bits that cover skin .py's should give you a good start.

I'd happilly accept patches to zdb and am keen to roll a new release if someone does provide such a patch.

Those security declarations are actually the only thing that
svn:// itself does.

I noticed ;-)


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