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Nancy Donnelly wrote at 2006-11-29 08:17 -0800:
File "/usr/local/src/Zope-2.9.6-final/lib/python/ZODB/lock_file.py", line 60, in __init__
   self._fp = open(path, 'w+')
IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/usr/local/zope/2012/var/Data.fs.lock'

Most Python/Zope error message are quite good.
So good, that it is worth to read them carefully ;-)

The error message above, for example, clearly tells you
that your operating system ("IOError") denied access ("Permission denied")
to the file "/usr/local/zope/2012/var/Data.fs.lock".

What do?

After careful reading of the error message, you use
means of your operating system to determine what
permissions are granted for "/usr/local/zope/2012/var/Data.fs.lock"
or (if that does not exist) for "/usr/local/zope/2012/var".


I'm glad you caught that Dieter! I read Nancy's post too quickly and responded by telling her to check Data.fs permissions (my bad). Sorry about that Nancy!


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