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Subject: [Zope] Get a reference to the latest transaction

Is it possible? If so, how do I get a reference to the last/current
transaction that just happened within a method?
Pseudo code:

class MyFolder(Folder):
   def manage_afterAdd(self):
          self.image_count = 0
   def addImage(self, imgdata, REQUEST):
          self.manage_addImage('someid', file=imgdata)
          self.image_count = self.image_count + 1
          url = self.absolute_url() + '?transactionid=%s' %

If I had that, I could then do the following in my template:

<div tal:condition="request/transactionid|nothing">
Image uploaded.
<a tal:attributes="href

Is it possible?

You could have a look at manage_UndoForm and see how it gets the transaction information.

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