John Poltorak wrote at 2006-12-15 18:13 +0000:
> ...
>> #hours required * hour-rate
>OK, so what hourly rate should I expect to pay? and how does anyone know 
>how much time it will take?
>I'm thinking of getting something setup which would mirror a small weekly 

When I worked for a newspaper about 7 years ago, we implemented
something like this (internet based editorial system for a magazine
with internet presentation of the magazine editions) within 2 weeks
with 2 to 3 persons assigned to the project -- i.e. with about
24 person days or 200 person hours.

*However*, the project conditions have been optimal:

  The requester (a new chief of a partner department) had a very well founded
  technical understanding of what he wanted and what wishes might be expensive
  and used this understanding to strive for an easy solution.
  He was quick to take decisions and took the decisions always along
  the "start simple, grow later" principle.

Under less optimal conditions, the solution could easily have been *much* more

Note that this was an internal project.
Your priorities and approaches may be different
for a project with external consultants.

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