Hi Andreas Jung 

I'm sure you have seen my earlier post about shapefiles.

the files that i'm working with are .shp, .shx, .dbf
and I'm aware that zodb is not the place to store big files. I just need to 
translate individual entries in the data set into individual object in zodb.
I already have the tools to do it but I just don't know where to do it. Is it 
to bring the program to the user and process it on the user's computer or bring 
the data to my server and do it.

If its on the user's computer, I could save the time from transfering files, 
which could be a really problem if the file is over 500mb, let alone 1GB. but 
the user's computer might not have the libraries needed to translate the set 
data. If I where to bring the file over to my computer I have to wait for the 
file to transfers to my computer but I wouldn't have to worry about the program 
not working.

I would really like to work on the first case, since I think it is the most 
effeicient way, but I don't know how to do it (bring the program to a computer 
that probably won't have python or the required libraries). Do you know how to 
accomplish this? Could you help me?

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>> Anyways, since I have encounter some initial problem, I was wondering if
>> I should do this     1. have the user upload the set data or transfer the
>> set data to my computer     2. process and record the data into zodb
>>     3. delete the set data(since I really don't need a copy of it, but I
>> don't see how I could do that)
>> or is there any way that I could just process the data right on the
>> user's computer without transfer it to my computer, like bring the
>> programming to them instead of bring the set data to us since set data's
>> could be quite large (over 1GB).

In addition: what is an "online system"? Keep in mind that the ZODB
not a data bog for temporary or large files. There are possibly better 
solutions for your purpose but you did not tell us exactly what you are 
trying to do and what kind of data you have and how often you update them.

- -aj
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