Thanks for replying Maciej Wisniowski 

As I have mention some of the problem due to both methods I proposed, I wish to 
aim to build a system that could keep everything web-based and at the same time 
process the source data on the user's computer instead of send large source 
file(such as the dbf) back to the server for process. I feel that this way it 
would be faster since the processing the source data isn't very complicated 
with the python modules I have on-hand to do the processing. The problem is how 
to get the module to the users at the same time work for them. Just as you 
said, I could make an application for windows users, but I really want to keep 
everything web based and be multi-plateform. 

I want to make a zope site where you can deliver modules to the user computer, 
process the data, send back to the server, create zope objects and store it in 

This is what I wants to do. Please feel free to provide me with any 
suggestion.. Thanks.

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> I already have the tools to do it but I just don't know where to do it.
> Is it to bring the program to the user and process it on the user's
> computer or bring the data to my server and do it.
> If its on the user's computer, I could save the time from transfering
> files, which could be a really problem if the file is over 500mb,
> let alone 1GB. but the user's computer might not have the libraries
> needed to translate the set data.
This is very inprecise use case description. Do you have to transfer
these files for every user and every time he has to do something? How
many users (and concurrent users) you will have? What is your network
admin opinion about such a big transfers for estimated amount of users?

> I would really like to work on the first case, since I think it is the 
> most effeicient way,
Efficient for you or for your users?

> but I don't know how to do it (bring the program to a computer 
> that probably won't have python or the required libraries). 
> Do you know how to accomplish this? Could you help me?
What do you mean by 'bring the program to a computer'?
Just few hints:
1. Write INSTALL.txt :-)
2. Use python 'eggs'.
3. In Windows you may use py2exe (or things like that) to create
typical Windows executable app.

and there are other possibilities like installers etc. but you
first need to define your target platform and then ask about this
(possibly on python mailing list).

Maciej Wisniowski

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