mark hellewell wrote at 2007-1-10 17:25 +0000:
> ...
>Inside my CMF-based sites portal_catalog I add a
>TextIndexNG2 index, specifying the Default encoding
>as iso-8859-5.
>I then upload my text document containing the characters,
>and click Reindex through the ZMI.
>If I then look at the catalog entry for that document it
>shows no data was gathered for the Index in question.

In order for an index to determine a given object's value (to be indexed),
the object needs to provide some attribute or method (that the index
can interprete as the object's value).

By default, the index name is used as the attribute/method to look for.
If the object does not provide such an attribute/method, then the index
will interpret this as "nothing to index for this value".

TextIndexNG allows you to specify alternative attribute/method names
(yes, it allows more than a single one and will combine them).

What you report is almost surely caused by your object not providing
the attribute/method the index expects to obtain the object's value.

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