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DTML is NOT deprecated and is NOT a dying concept.  ZPT and DTML are
used by different people for different reasons; both technologies have
their strengths and weaknesses, but both are viable, ongoing
components of Zope.


your right Dtml is not dying. its dead.

At the risk of feeding the troll...

One of the wonderful things (of which there are many!) about Zope, is
that Zope provides a plethora of tools for building applications.
Some people prefer certain tools over others.  The choice of tool is
less important than whether it meets the needs of the application.

If a Zope developer has a preference for one tool over another that is
an internal choice, and I am sure that newcomers to Zope would be
happy to hear the reasons for the tool selection.  However, it is not
helpful to disparage the other tools as newcomers to Zope may find
them useful.  Saying that certain features are 'dead' (which they are
not in this particular instance) may scare newcomers away from that
tool, and possibly away from Zope, which would not be helpful to the
Zope community as a whole.

Zope is a fantastic web application development platform, and it is in
our own best interests to ensure that newcomers are informed about all
of the many features and solutions it offers.


you are of course perfectly right.
but tough DTML still exists it is dated and largely replaced by tal et al.
all new developpment efforts go into this set of utilities.
I strongly recommend any newcomer not to touch DTML  unless she has to
deal with some legacy code.
(ZSQL does not count here).


No, DTML is perfect for sites with lower budget than price for Vignette. ZPT/TAL is great for really big sites with really big hardware and budget too. ZPT is great for sites with many changes of design per year, but you need graphics webstudio which does not crash your lovely template. But these studios are not as cheap as you want. If your budget (without hardware) is roughly as price for Vignette, then do that web with ZPT. Else use DTML.


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