Frank Drews, on 2007-01-30:
> Hi,

Hi Frank,

> I am very new to Zope, Zope is running fine, but I dont know the 
> Products-Folder to copy new Products:

I have never run Zope on a Windows computer, so do not take my answer
to be the final word on this, but I will give it a go.

> zope 2.94
> C:\Programme\CPS3.4.0-3\Zope\lib\python\Products
> C:\Programme\CPS3.4.0-3\Zope\skel\Products

I have never used CPS, but I guess the directories are used in the
same way as normal Zope.  Adding anything here would only affect CPS,
not any Zope 2.9.4 instances.

> C:\Programme\Zope-2.9.4\lib\python\Products

This is the Products dir that is used by all Zope instances; it is a
part of core Zope .  Normally only core Zope products should be here
and you should not add anything to it manually.  But adding your own
products here *would* work I guess.  Try it when everything else

> C:\Programme\Zope-2.9.4\skel\Products

When you create a new Zope instance, this is the Products directory
that gets copied to that instance.  You could put some basic products
in here that you want to have in every new Zope instance that you
create.  But: adding products here will *only* affect *new* instances,
not instances that you have already made.

> ZMI is working fine, nuxeo cps, too.
> Have I to create a new Folder somewhere, I want to add Products like 
> calzope cpsgroupware?

These products should be added to the Zope instance.  The directories
you mention above contain source code used by instances, but they are
not instances themselves.

I would expect the Zope instance to have been created in Documents and
Settings or in My Documents; but that is a guess.  You could let
Windows search for any directories with the name 'Products'.  That
should turn up some more hits.  Or create a new Zope instance (maybe
call C:\Programme\Zope-2.9.4\bin\mkinstance or something like that)
and see where the instance is created.

> I have a similar problem with the Import folder. Which one is the right, 
> just importing inside a folder of the ZMI?

It should be a folder called 'import' in the same directory as the
Products directory of your instance.  It should be automatically
created for you when you create a new instance.

> Many thanks I am really stuck and tried for more than one day

I hope this helps.  My answers are based on my experience with Zope on
Linux though; Windows may handle things differently, so sorry if I am
putting you on the wrong track.

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