Thanks but I solved it using::

 from App.config import getConfiguration
 conf = getConfiguration()
 setattr(MyProductClass, 'SESSION_TIMEOUT_MINUTES',

Now I can use this::

class MyProductClass:
    def getLoggedInSecurelyMinutesLeft(self):
        """ return how many minutes there is left on the securely
        logged in session. """
        ts = self.get_session(SESSIONKEY_USER_SECURE_TIMESTAMP, None)
        if ts is None:
            return 0
        minutes = self.SESSION_TIMEOUT_MINUTES - (time.time() - ts) / 60
        return int(minutes)

yacine chaouche wrote:
I don't know if this is what you want. If you want to have access, in
your code, to the session-timeout-minutes variable, you can try this
methode on your session_data_manager object :


Return the number of minutes allowed for subobject inactivity before
expiration. PermissionView management screens

This is from the api documentation of TransientContainer class, found
in the help link in the ZMI of temp_folder/session_data_manager.

In your code, you can use something like :
<tal code>
you'll be
securely logged in for another <span tal:replace="python
context.temp_folder.session_data_manager.getTimeoutMinutes() "></span>
minutes unless you log out or log in


2007/1/23, Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
Peter Bengtsson wrote at 2007-1-23 13:44 +0000:
>This might be an FAQ but I wasn't able to find it when searching.
>How do I get access to the value of 'session-timeout-minutes' coming
>from etc/zope.conf in runtime Zope?

The value is used to configure the so called "Session Data Manager"
(usually "/temp_folder/session_data").

Its management page is able to show you the value.

This means, there is some way to access it. You can use this
way in your own application (you might need a proxy role to
get sufficient privileges).

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