Hi all.

I'm in the business of migrating OpenFlow from Zope 2.7.x (where it
lived peacefully) to Zope 2.9 and 2.10 (i.e. I'm in the process of
2.9, and then I will move to 2.10).

As a first step, I've run the unit tests for the project, and just one
is failing, the following one:

   def afterSetUp(self):
       self.zope = self.app
       # create an openflow
       self.of = getattr(self.zope, 'OF')
       # Create a Process Definition with two activities (Begin, End)...
       self.of.addProcess(id='begin_end', BeginEnd=1)
       self.pd = getattr(self.of, 'begin_end')
       # ...and one transition linking them
       self.pd.addTransition(id='begin_end', From='Begin', To='End')

   def testCopyOpenflow(self):
       cataloged_items = len(self.of.Catalog())
       cb = self.zope.manage_copyObjects([self.of.id])
           for i in [self.of, self.pd] + self.pd.objectValues():
               assert hasattr(i.aq_base, 'getId'), "missing %s" % i.id
               assert i._getCopy(self.zope) is not None, "getcopy not
in %s" % i.id
       except AssertionError:
           # this test is tough to make! how to do this?
       new_of = getattr(self.zope, 'copy_of_'+self.of.id)

Just for a little of further knowledge: OpenFlow creates a Catalog,
which is used to access all the data of the Workflow (processes,
instancess, workitems, etc.)

The assertion failing is the last one, because I get a length of 0 as
a result of the query of the catalog.

Can someone point me to differences between 2.7 and 2.9 in the
handling of the paste action?


Marco Bizzarri
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