Marco Bizzarri wrote at 2007-2-10 21:33 +0100:
> ...
>        cb = self.zope.manage_copyObjects([])
> ...
>        self.zope.manage_pasteObjects(cb)
>        new_of = getattr(self.zope, 'copy_of_'
>        self.assertEquals(len(new_of.Catalog()),cataloged_items)
>Just for a little of further knowledge: OpenFlow creates a Catalog,
>which is used to access all the data of the Workflow (processes,
>instancess, workitems, etc.)
>The assertion failing is the last one, because I get a length of 0 as
>a result of the query of the catalog.
>Can someone point me to differences between 2.7 and 2.9 in the
>handling of the paste action?

I do not yet use Zope 2.9. Therefore, my answer is very hypothetical:

  In earlier versions, copying a catalog contained a bug:

    The catalogued objects were twice in the catalog.
    A first time because they have been copied with the catalog
    itself and a second time due to the "manage_afterAdd" call
    for the true object copy.

    Maybe, "OpenFlow" contains some code to avoid this
    catalog copying problem -- and maybe, the buggy behaviour
    was fixed in Zope itself. Then, the correcting actions
    of "OpenFlow" might do too much.

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