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Subject: [Zope] adding value to the path

When I submit this:

<input name="branch/manage_editProperties:method" type="submit"
class="form-element" value="Save Changes" / >

It works very nicely.
I'd like the user to choose the page to amend so I have a select option to
choose the page (in this case the one named 'branch'

<select size="3" width="100" name="pageName">
   <dtml-in "getParentNode().objectItems('DTML Document')" >
       <dtml-if "id() != 'index_html'">
         <dtml-if "id() != 'editProperties'">
            <option value="<dtml-var id>"> <dtml-var title_or_id></option>

And I think this ought to work.. but it doesn't...

<input name=document.propForm.pageName.value+"/manage_editProperties:method"
type="submit" class="form-element" value="Save Changes" / >

It does absolutely nothing.

How do I pass it the value to the input name?

You create a separate html input tag that gets the information you require from the user, eg

Enter Id:  <input type="text" name="id:UTF-8:string" size="30" value=""/>

If you already have some information that you want to pass along to the receiving method (ie. this information does not come from user input) then use a "hidden" input:

<input type="text" name="id:UTF-8:string" size="30" value="<dtml-var someIdvar>"/>

P.S.  i just couldn't let this go:

       <dtml-if "id() != 'index_html'">
         <dtml-if "id() != 'editProperties'">
            <option value="<dtml-var id>"> <dtml-var title_or_id></option>

is simpler as:

         <dtml-if "id() != 'editProperties' and id() !=index_html">
            <option value="<dtml-var id>"> <dtml-var title_or_id></option>

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