Garry Saddington schrieb:
I have this page:

<frameset rows="75%,25%">
<frame src="<dtml-var page>">

<frame src="<dtml-call expr="getproperty(page=_['page'])">">


The 'page' variable is in the request but no matter what I try I am having problems passing it the the python script 'getproperty'. Can anyone point me in the correct direction?

dtml-call? wtf! This will never ever work since dtml-call does not
return values. You might want to use dtml-var instead.

(Let alone you should try to not use dtml at all)

You above example would also not work since _['page']
would read a variable named page from _ namespace,
which would try to look up properties first and
only as last resort look for request variables.
There is REQUEST even in DTML.

Also note, design has long since moved away from frames
(Yes I know ZMI still uses them) - it makes things with
application servers much more easy if you don't use frames.

Easiest way is to return rendered pages from python script
for example


return context[pagename]()

as a python script would do the trick.


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