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David VanKirk wrote:
I was under the impression that you needed PCGI or FastCGI to get Zope
and Apache to communicate.

If you have another method, I'm open to try it.

No, not at all - in fact FastCGI at least is deprecated in current versions.

Just be informed that I'm using an older version of Zope (2.6.4) so if
there have been advancements that have been made since then with
communicating with Apache, I'm not able to use those.

Well, if you need Apache or IIS for SSL support, and you do not need to have SSL for the link between Apache and Zope, then there is nothing exotic at all involved. There are 3rd party solutions to use IIS (which cannot proxy on its own), but Apache is all you need.

The Zope book has the gist here: -


That's the latest version, but the version on the Zope site is for 2.6, and as you can see little has changed: -


The gist is: -

- Zope serves over HTTP.
- Apache can /proxy/ HTTP.
- The Zope Virtual Host Monster can rewrite the URLs generated by Zope to those required to pass the traffic through Apache.

You don't need to do anything on the Zope side other than ensure that the VHM is present - all the work is done by a rewrite rule in the Apache virtual hosts setup. The rewrite rules can be fiddly, and a great resource is the Rewrite Rule Witch: -


I've mainly done this with Apache 2.0.x, but I have used the same basic setup under 1.3.x - I can't recall if there were any great differences, but I still have one running server with 1.3.x on it, so I should be able to help either way.

Can I suggest that you read up and have a play, and come back with any specific questions?

I found the rewrite rules very fiddly at first, but soon got used to them - you might need some patience to get to grips with that part, but that's the only bit that caused me any pain.

You don't say how you will be connecting Zope to MS SQL Server, but I can recommend the eGenix ODBC DA - it's not free, but it's not expensive either, and if you value your time at all it's cheaper and safer than doing it any other way...





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