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Peter Bengtsson wrote:
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I have a folder called "images" and a form that to add images to that
folder. The form called an external method (../images/addImage) that
references a python script, the one I sent earlier, that creates 4
versions of the images in 4 sizes and places them in the "images"
folder. Also in the "images" folder I have a ZCatalog called
"ImageData". I'm trying to add a line to the python script to
automatically catalog any images that are added to the "images" folder.
I tried "ImageData.manage_catalogObject..." but I kept getting back:
NameError: global name 'ImageData' is not defined. Any advice? Thanks.

Perhaps you meant

returns: "NameError: global name 'context' is not defined"

You are either (1) doing this in an external method, in which case use 'self' instead of 'context', or (2) the bindings in your python script are pooched (click on the bindings tab of the python script, the 'Context' binding should be set to 'context').

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