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Garry Saddington schrieb:
I have 'datetime-format international' set in zope.conf but the date
output is  still rendered in the format (y,m,d) when using ZopeTime or
when returning  dates from python scripts. How can I change this
behaviour? My server config  is:

Well what you see is not "the date" but one representation of the
DateTime object. You can use the strftime() method to render your
date object to string in any form you want. This should also
answer your question on postgres list. Your database adaptor
turns database types into zope types.

In addition: SQL also provides support converting a date type of the
database into a string. See TO_DATE(...).

Yes it does but its to_char() not to_date() ;)


And I would not
use it much because you loose all type information and the
ability to sort accordingly and calculate with the values.

Better format them just for output - which would be in
python code.

It depends on the usecase..if you don't have to deal with different
date format it is handy to convert it on the RDBMS level..otherwise
you have to write something like

<span tal:content="python: row.mydate.strftime(fmtstring)" />

instead of

<span tal:content="row/mydate" />


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