Dear AJ, 

Thanks, but I still have some problems with creating a Folderish Object product

I imported Folder from OFS.Folder but I wasn't able to add any products like 
File, Folder, Image with in my folderish object.

my code looks like this-->

class ShpProjectClass(Item, Folder, Persistent, Implicit, CatalogAware):
    id = 'ShpProject'
    meta_type = 'ShpProject'
    manage_options = (
        {'label':'Contents', 'action':'manage_main'},
        {'label':'Properties', 'action':'manage_editShpProjectForm'},
        {'label':'View', 'action':'index_html'},
        ) + Item.manage_options
    def __init__(self, id, projectDesc = 'Test Project'):
        """ Initialize a ShpProject Object """ = id
        self.projectDesc = projectDesc

    def getProjectInfo(self):
        """ print a ShpProject Object Info """
        return 'This project is called: ' + + '. This project is about 
' + self.projectName + '.'

    def edit(self, projectDesc, REQUEST=None):
        """ edit a ShpProject Object """
        self.projectDesc = projectDesc
        if REQUEST is not None:
            return self.index_html(self, REQUEST)

    ##Web Methods
    index_html = HTMLFile('DTML/index_html', globals())
    manage_editShpProjectForm = HTMLFile('DTML/manage_editShpProjectForm', 


what else am I missing? and is using ObjectManager unsave in anyway?

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--On 9. März 2007 00:01:50 -0800 Allen Huang <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I made a simple product using python that stores some varibles, but I
> couldn't make it acts like a folderish, stores objects, and have a
> content tab page using manage_main like when I use to have when I use
> internal product.
> I reviewed the tutorials on how to make internal products and I found the
> base class modules ObjectManager and PropertySheets under OFS folder but
> I really ahve no idea how to use them.
> So it I want my product to act like an internally made product with
> baseclass ObjectManager, CatalogAware, and use propertysheets to manage
> my attributes and control what object type I want to store,
> would importing ObjectManager, PropertySheets, CatalogAware baseclass be
> enough?

For folderish content you derive from ObjectManager or for being on the 
safe side from OFS.Folder

from OFS.Folder import Folder

class MyType(Folder):

  meta_type= 'MyType'




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