[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote at 2007-3-15 08:40 +0100:
>I have got Zope with CacheFu installed running behind Squid
>running behind Apache. Unfortunately, CacheFu encodes the
>URLs to purge whereas Squid does not consider encoded URLs
>equal to unencoded URLs. So I thought I will just let
>Apache pass Squid encoded URLs so that they are cached
>under encoded URLs. But, alas, the VHM does not seem
>to be triggered by encoded URLs
>(e.g. /VirtualHostBase/http/www.example.com%3A80/[...]).

It would be wrong to recognize "%3A" as ":" in the above situation.

  The primary purpose of the "%XX" escaping scheme is
  to escape from special meaning and thus allow
  for unusual situations, e.g. ":" in a server name.

  Thus, "server:port" means port "port" on server "server"
  while "server%3Aport" means the standard port on server

>Is there any way of making the VHM aware of encoded
>URLs? Or is there another way to solving my problem?

You should not encode complete urls. Encoding can be applied
only to the individual components.

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