Laurence Rowe wrote:
Use Firefox, it won't time out.

That depends on the version...

I written my code so it informs me on dos command prompt about what picture it is processing and how long it took until starts the next one. The process started fast, but it gradually slows down and

I'd bet you're chewing through lots of memory, which is causing swapping, which is why it's slowing down...

eventually my web browser (my interface to start the process) timeout but the command prompt is still running. I waited until the command prompt finish all the picture and click open the picture in zope and no action was done on any pictures that was supposely to be resized.

That's surprising...

I try the same process but targeted only one folder (less pictures)and the process worked fine and all the picture were resized accordingly and the web browser didn't timeout. How come nothing happened when the browser timeout??

A web browser is not the way to drive a batch process like this. I'd suggest you look at stepper:



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