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I have a ZCatalog and in the ZMI 'Catalog' tab it reports:


len(sRes)=  1820
cnt=  1842

The result remains the same after reindexing the whole catalog?

Yes. I have an application that has 5 different ZCatalogs. The same problem occurs in 3 of them. It seems that a ZCatalog with less than ~500 records is ok, but the len problem increases with the number of records in the ZCatalog:

actual        len        diff

108           108       0
322           322       0
613           607       6
1842         1820     22
3628         3590     38

It looks like the __len__ method in Catalog.py is not returning the
correct value - it returns self._length() which is set by the following
method (also in Catalog.py):

    def migrate__len__(self):
       """ migration of old __len__ magic for Zope 2.8 """
        if not hasattr(self, '_length'):
            n = self.__dict__['__len__']()
            del self.__dict__['__len__']
            self._length = BTrees.Length.Length(n)

Is this migration code for pre-2.8 catalogs. This change was necessary
because the new ExtensionClass implementation did not longer work
with the scary implementation of the __len__ functionality of the Catalog

If the result remains the same after reindexing the catalog there might be
an issue with the increment/decrement calls of the _length counter
with catalogObject/uncatalogObject...however no idea why...

Clearing the catalog and then running 'Find Objects' returns the same incorrect number every time (at least the error is consistent!). I have also loaded records into the ZCatalogs via a python script/external method and the record counts are exactly the same as with the 'Find Objects'.

I don't think it is an indexing problem as the indexes are reporting the correct number of entries. It is just the _length() method of the catalog that seems to be the problem (but I have noooo idea how to fix it!)

Should I file a bug report on this?


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