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I have a ZCatalog and in the ZMI 'Catalog' tab it reports:


len(sRes)=  1820
cnt=  1842

The result remains the same after reindexing the whole catalog?

Yes. I have an application that has 5 different ZCatalogs. The same problem occurs in 3 of them. It seems that a ZCatalog with less than ~500 records is ok, but the len problem increases with the number of records in the ZCatalog:

actual        len        diff

108           108       0
322           322       0
613           607       6
1842         1820     22
3628         3590     38

It looks like the __len__ method in Catalog.py is not returning the
correct value - it returns self._length() which is set by the following
method (also in Catalog.py):

    def migrate__len__(self):
       """ migration of old __len__ magic for Zope 2.8 """
        if not hasattr(self, '_length'):
            n = self.__dict__['__len__']()
            del self.__dict__['__len__']
            self._length = BTrees.Length.Length(n)

Is this migration code for pre-2.8 catalogs. This change was necessary
because the new ExtensionClass implementation did not longer work
with the scary implementation of the __len__ functionality of the Catalog

If the result remains the same after reindexing the catalog there might be
an issue with the increment/decrement calls of the _length counter
with catalogObject/uncatalogObject...however no idea why...

Clearing the catalog and then running 'Find Objects' returns the same incorrect number every time (at least the error is consistent!). I have also loaded records into the ZCatalogs via a python script/external method and the record counts are exactly the same as with the 'Find Objects'.

I wrote a bunch of unittests and could not recreate the problem, so i reinstalled zope and rebuilt the application infrastructure (ZCatalogs, etc) and reloaded all the data from scratch and the problem went away!

Good idea of using the unittests to track down the problem, thanks Andreas.


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