On 3/26/07, Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Martijn is a Five expert and told you things that may happen
when Five is heavily used.

Not as much as the other one though. ;) I (Martijn Pieters) attempted
to help out, Martijn Faassen is the Five expert.

I do not think that your problem is Five related -- and I am
almost convinced that it is not related to your wrappers.

This is not a Five problem.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what causes your problem.

It seems to be authentication related.

I would verify "REQUEST._auth" (you told us, you were using
HTTP basic authentication; then "REQUEST._auth should contain
the authorization info from the request) in your debugging session.

One potentially important hint from Martijn is to check
where the failing "validate" is called. If the call comes
from traversal, then authentication did not yet happen (as
Martijn has pointed out).

I suspect that he is doing something at traversal time that requires a
logged-in user. The publisher, however, won't look for a user until
after traversal:

1) Traverse the URL
2) Look up user in the returned context
3) Call whatever traversal returned

If his __bobo_traverse__ returned a callable that does the dirty work,
the problem should be resolved. Compare this to Five views, for
example. They are objects with a __call__ method. They are constructed
at traversal time (__init__ is called), and then called (__call__ is

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