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Tres Seaver wrote:
> Marc Balmer wrote:
>>> Andreas Jung wrote:
>>>> I uploaded corrected versions of the Zope 2.9.7 and 2.10.3 tar-balls.
>>>> The tar-balls released yesterday contained a bug that caused
>>>> a startup failure when using "zopectl start".
>>> don't do this again.
> Don't do what?  I was about to agree, as I don't think re-releasing
> under the same version number was correct:  the new releases should be
>,, or something similary (or bump to 2.9.8, 2.10.4).
>>> this bug is so obvious to catch that I have some serious doubts about 
>>> your software testing process.  are you releasing totally untested code? 
>>>   can we trust your releases in the future, will you change sth in your 
>>> process?
> The testing that gets done is not done from "released" tarballs, but
> from subversion checkouts.  This was a bug in the process that created
> the tarball from a checkout, and not in the underlying Zope software
> itself.  I *think* it also affected only those who build and install
> Zope as root, although I can't tell for sure, since the tarballs have
> been replaced.  At any rate, I *never* build, install, or run Zope as
> root, and hence would never have noticed the problem, even if I were
> doing the releases myself.

Following up to myself, as I had wrongly assumed that this problem was
related to file permissions in the tarball (only an issue on the 2.8
branch, apparanetly).

*I* introduced the bug here, by failiing to add a REQUEST parameter to
one method.  I *did* test starting the server, but only using 'zopectl
fg', and not 'zopectl start', as well as running all the unit and
functional tests for each branch before checking in.

As a process fix:  we should be adding functional tests which exercise
the 'start', 'restart', 'fg', etc. verbs of 'zopectl'.

Mea culpa.  I owe the wine or equivalent comestibles to Andreas and Martijn.

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