Sascha Welter wrote:
Yesterday evening I installed 2.10.3 for some tests with Zwiki (haven't
tried any of the other 2.10s). I noticed that the wiki logo wasn't
displayed. I think I narrowed it down to the "default" keyword in
tal:replace being treated like "nothing".

**** My testcase (in a blank ZPT):

[<img src=""; tal:replace="structure here/notexists|default" />]

[<img src=""; tal:replace="structure default" />]

[<img src=""; tal:replace="default" />]

**** Expected behaviour:
In 2.9 these render to 3 little zpt.gif icons in []. Rendered source:
[<img src=""; />]

[<img src=""; />]

[<img src=""; />]

**** What I got:
In 2.10.3 this renders to the html source:



I tested on two machines, but both Mac OS X 10.4 (one PPC, one Intel),
so I'd be glad if someone could try and reproduce it, to see if it's
just on "my" OS / machine combination. If it is, I will of course submit
it to the Collector. Of course if the expected behaviour has changed,
then I must have missed that information.

This sounds like a BBB bug. Please file a bug collector entry.

If you want to be extra helpful, you could provide a unit test:

* Get a subversion checkout of Zope 2.10:

  svn co svn://

* If you look in Products/PageTemplates/tests, there are two directories, 'input' and 'output'. Place a PageTemplate file into 'input' and the expected output into 'output'.

* Add a test case in

* Attach the output of 'svn diff' (after having executed 'svn add' for the newly created files) to the collector entry.

This will increase the speed with which this issue would be reproduceable and therefore fixed immensely :).

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