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There is no Five in this environment. The "solution" was to remove the CookieCrumbler instance inside the MyApp instance. CookieCrumber (1.2) doesn't have a __before_publishing_traverse__ method but it does have this (

    def __call__(self, container, req):
        '''The __before_publishing_traverse__ hook.'''
        resp = self.REQUEST['RESPONSE']
            attempt = self.modifyRequest(req, resp)
        except CookieCrumblerDisabled:
        if req.get('disable_cookie_login__', 0):
        ...more stuff I don't understand...

I tried setting up a similar environment (quickly) and a simple application that uses __before_publishing_traverse__() but could get it to stop working just because I put in a CookieCrumber instance :(

Removing the CookieCrumbler object obviously isn't a good enough solution because we need it for pretty logins. At the moment I don't understand how CookieCrumbler could have anything to do with it. It's stuff it does surrounding the REQUEST looks sane and I don't understand how it could effect my application.

Dieter Maurer wrote:
Peter Bengtsson wrote at 2007-3-23 13:29 +0000:
I have a product that looks like this::

class MyApp(Something):
  meta_type = 'x'
  def foobar(self):
      """ doc str """
      return "xxx"
  def __before_publishing_traverse__(self, object, request=None):
      print "HOUSTON"
When I view objects of this class I'd expect Zope to call the __before_publishing_traverse__ hook and print HOUSTON, but it doesn't :(
            if object.__class__.__name__ == 'MyApp':
                print object.foobar()
                print object.foobar
                print object.__before_publishing_traverse__(object, self)
                print bpth
         path = request.path = request['TraversalRequestNameStack']

When I look at the output of this I get:

<bound method MyApp.foobar of <MyApp at /IMS>>

Maybe, instead of "foobar", you should print "__before_publishing_traverse__".

  "Five" started to fiddle around with "__before_publishing_traverse__"
  (to make Zope 3 traversal available) and maybe this introduced
  the bug no longer to call the existing "__before_publishing_traverse__"?

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