Joerg Baach wrote at 2007-5-23 16:13 +0100:
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>1. Have content and forms displayed using zpts, encoded in utf-8.

That's easy: you store content in "utf-8" and have your ZPTs encoded
in "utf-8" and tell
the HTTP clients that you deliver "utf-8" by a
'RESPONSE.setHeader("Content-Type", "text/html; charset=utf-8")'.

>2. Get the data back into zope as unicode.

That does not work. At system boundaries (e.g. between the browser
and Zope), you always get some encoding.

Usually, the browser uses the same encoding as the one it found
on the page delivering a from.

>3. Store unicode in properties of objects, e.g. folders.

You use the "u*" form for the properties. The "u" stands for
"unicode". There is "ustring", "utext", "ulines", "utokens",

>4. Edit those properties in the ZMI.

You set the "management_page_charset" to "utf-8" and
you will be able to edit your "u*" properties through the ZMI.

Almost surely, other textual properties should be encoded in "utf-8".

>5. Search them in the catalog.

No problem, as long as you take care that you do not mix unicode
and non unicode (with non ASCII characters) in the same index.

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