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Subject: RE: [Zope] Uncaptured python exception

I still don't know why python errors will just quietly cause things to fail with no zope error at all. Nothing... That may be something I just have to
live with.  Very difficult to debug and develop with though.

Syntax errors I can find by simply importing the external method into the
python interpreter.

Syntax errors for external methods can also be found by clicking on the 'Save Changes' button of the external method object when in the ZMI.

 But dealing with the form variables, I will often have
runtime errors that give no message at all.

So I find myself putting little "I am here" print messaged throughout my
code to try to zone in on where I mistyped the variable equipment_num as

Referring to non-existent python variables (eg. the mistyping you described above) should raise a KeyError. Do you have any try/except statements in your external method which may be capturing the errors?


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