>> I'm using MySQLDBA, and I've got a Z SQL Method like this:
>> select * from myTable where someValue=<dtml-sqlvar myValue type=string>
>> The issue being that 'myValue' is actually a Hex value in a Blob
>> column. The only types possible for dtml-sqlvar seem to be string and
>> int (as far as I can tell).
>> I noticed that when I use 'type=string' the value is always placed in
>> inverted commas (and so MySQL thinks it is a string and rejects
>> it).... and when I put 'type=int' the Hex value is rejected by Zope.
>> Is it possible that MySQLDBA can not handle blobs / Hex values at all?
>> I'm confused that dtml-sqlvar only sees 2 types of data.
I have no idea how this works with mysql but in postgres I've used:

update company
   set logo=<dtml-var logo>::bytea
 where companyid=<dtml-sqlvar companyid type="int">

Python Script:
from psycopg2 import Binary
picture = container['logo.gif'].data  # Image object
container.set_logo(companyid=companyid, logo = Binary( obraz ))

Maybe there is something similiar in MySQLDB.

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