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Ron Chichester wrote:
> This is a perplexing problem.  I'm migrating a site from Zope 2.2 to 
> 2.9.7. 
>  From the old site, I exported a set of .zexp files, and simply imported 
> them into the new site (in the same folder structure).  In the root 
> directory, all of the imported files and folders work as expected.  
> However, when I go into an imported folder, and access one of it's 
> folders, my users temporarily "lose" their authentication.  As a 
> diagnostic measure, I wrote some code to display their username for each 
> page.  In the pages/folders in the root directory, it displays their 
> proper username.  However, when I drill down into the site (e.g., folder 
> of a folder), the username goes to "Anonymous User" and the code (which 
> changes what is displayed based on the user's role), displays according 
> to an anonymous user rather than the actual username.  Note, however, 
> that the true authentication is not lost.  If the user goes to a 
> folder/page closer to the root folder, the display again shows the 
> user's proper username and the display is according to their proper 
> assigned role.
> When I imported, I was as the "admin" user, and admin took ownership.  I 
> changed ownership to one of the users, and the code (and display).  
> Changing owership from admin to another user didn't help, however.
> Any idea what the problem is.  I looked on the changelogs on upgrading, 
> but didn't find anything that explains this problem.

I wouldn't try using export / import to move between versions of Zope
(even versions closer in time than 5 years! ;).  Instead, I would copy
the Data.fs and move the copy into the instance home of the new version.
In fact, I would probably migrate across each separate "major" revision:
 bring the copy up under 2.3.3, with the versions of your local products
(if any) which were current when that version was released, then do the
same with 2.4.4, 2.5.1, 2.6.4, 2.7.9. 2.8.9, and finally 2.9.7.

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