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I have just attempted my first zope install using a python built from
source and am getting an error traceback ending with:

undefined symbol: PyUnicodeUCS2_AsEncodedString

...when I try to start zope (full traceback at end of msg).

The story:
I need to get a zope 2.8.8 up and running on debian Etch (4.0) and python
2.3.x is not available as debian package on Etch. So...

I got the python 2.3.6 tarball from, followed the build
instructions and amazingly enough got it built and installed.
I already have python 2.4 so I made sure to put 2.3 in its' own path.

Then I got zope 2.8.8 tarball and built that, using the '--with-python='
option to specify my python 2.3 installation (/usr/local/bin/python2.3

The zope build seemed to complete fine also.
However when trying to start zope 2.8.8 I get the undefined symbol error.
The most relevant info I could google up is here:

I get that there may be some issue with the two build processes and
something called UCS4 vs. UCS2 mixed up somehow.
The rest, like how that happened and/or how to fix it, is way over my

Can anyone clarify the UCS2/UCS4 issue and how to resolve it?

You have definitely some Python module somewhere in our sys.path or PYTHONPATH compiled against a different Python version....trible
check that.

Thanks...I have no idea how to do that unfortunately.
This is the first time I've built python from source. I just followed the build instructions in the tarball and "it worked." At least, I have a working python 2.3 in the location I specified for "--with-python" when building zope. From various list messages about this same error message I get that there is some mismatch involving UCS2 vs. UCS4 compiled pieces - if I grok correctly...? I have no idea what controls that and saw nothing about it in the python or zope build docs. I previously had zope 2.8.8 running on debian Sarge with the packaged python 2.3 no problem.

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