Dieter Maurer wrote:

> A "SiteAccess" "AccessRule" can do such things for you.
> Look around whether you find some documentation about "AccessRule"s
> and how to tweak the request object in such a rule.

Thanks Dieter! That indeed did the trick. It took a lot of digging around online (and several times undoing the last edit because it made the folder I was working in uneditable with the management interface) but in the end I was successful.

For posterity:

A Virtual Host Monster mapping sends any request with the "games" subdomain to a special folder with the following access rule:


request = context.REQUEST

#determine title (last part of URL)

url = request.other['ACTUAL_URL']
if len(url) > 0:
    if url[-1] == '/':
        url = url[:-1]
splitpath = url.split('/')
target = splitpath.pop()

#add title as form data to request object

request.form['gametitle'] = target

#rewrite path - display_game is a Python script in the root of
#Zope, so by adding its name to the namestack it will be found.
#Not added if I'm editing the script (hack) so I'm not locked out.

namestack = request.other['TraversalRequestNameStack']

if namestack[0][:6] != 'ZPytho' and namestack[0][:6] != 'manage':
    request.other['TraversalRequestNameStack'] = ['display_game']


So far it works well.  I can visit



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