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Importing as zexp? If yes, this is unsupported.

Yes, I imported the Product as zexp. Why is that unsupported, and how
else may I import it? It doesn't exist in the filesystem hierarchy, as
it's a custom Product which was developed in the ZMI.

Or is there a save way to export the Product from the 2.6.4 instance to
files and then import the files to the 2.10.3 instance?

Typically Zope 'Products' exist on the filesystem. If you created your product entirely thru the ZMI, then you probably have a ZClass-based product. These type of products can be exported but not directly imported. If you tried to import it you should see a broken product icon in the Control_Panel/Products listing in the ZMI.

There is a work-around: you can create an external method which can import the 'exported' zclass product, something like:

def importZClass(self):
       prdDir = self.unrestrictedTraverse('/Control_Panel/Products')
       return 'done'

Note: ZClasses are officially deprecated as of Zope 2.10. They may work or they may not, but they are no longer officially supported.


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