I am recieving following errors frequently as shown below:


Site Error
An error was encountered while publishing this resource. 

Error Type: ConflictError
Error Value: database conflict error (oid 0x09, class 
Products.Transience.Transience.Increaser, serial this txn started with 
0x036ee0b224215066 2007-07-09 

16:50:08.468000, serial currently committed 0x036ee0b39eeeeeee 2007-07-09 


database conflict error (oid 0x7b61, class BTrees._OOBTree.OOBTree, serial this 
txn started with 0x036ee63aae219655 2007-07-10 16:26:40.812000, serial 

currently committed 0x036ee63b55aa87bb 2007-07-10 16:27:20.078000)

Could anyone help me out in fixing this. I am using Zope 2.8.5 in windows 2003. 
Recently we have moved the data.fs from Zope2.6.1 into this new version 

I appreciate any help in advance.



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