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Subject: [Zope] Problem w/ ZMySQLDA

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Subject: [Zope] Problem w/ ZMySQLDA

> Hi;
> ? I just built out a new server and transfered my databases. I use Zope > to > server my web sites and ZMySQLDA to interface between the two. > Everything
> seems
> to be fine. I can see the databases, the tables, the columns in the
> tables, the
> permissions are correct, etc. I hook up ZMySQLDA and that seems to be
> fine. It
> connects to the database. However, when I go to look at the pages from
> served
> the database, the browser hangs. Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?

You should have a MySQL_database_connection object in a folder somewhere (in the ZMI).? The "Status" for this object should say "The database connection is open".? There is a "Test" tab for this object in which you can enter an sql query. If this query works ok, then the next step is to test your Z SQL

Thanks. That clarified a lot. The MySQL query comes back fine. I'm troubleshooting a complex shop I had a programmer who worked for me build...so it's not my code...and it's complex ;) I went into the shopkeeper's side and was able to successfully query the database. I was, for example, able to display the "cotton" products for editing. However, when I do essentially_the_same_thing TTW with the following code snippet, it hangs!

<tal:block metal:define-macro="content"
?????????? define="dummy python:request.set('category', 5)">

? <tal:block metal:use-macro="here/Store/Main_frame_content/macros/content" />


Furthermore, mytop shows the user is hanging:
???? 30 mysqluser?????? localhost mrtableclo?????? 473? Sleep

What should I do next to troubleshoot this?

I would test the code outside of tal. Just execute (test) the routine by itself to see what it is returning. A couple of things to check: (i) is the routine receiving the correct input parameters, (ii) is the routine returning what you are expecting.

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