[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote at 2007-7-21 10:42 -0400:
>I just built out a new server. The sites keep throwing AttributeErrors and I 
>can't figure out why. Here's a simple example:
>contact_us_form is a Formulator form. Every Formulator form has an attribute 
>called "header". So, why do I get this error?

You tell us too few details....
> ...
>Module OFS.DTMLDocument, line 128, in __call__
><DTMLDocument instance at e4e18f0>
>URL: http://example.com/eng/Equine-All_Products_frame/manage_main
>Physical Path:/example.com/eng/Equine-All_Products_frame 

If you would use PageTemplates (rather than "DTMLDocument"),
the error log info would be drastically more informative --
it would tell you which precise expression raises the "AttributeError".

> ...
>AttributeError: header 

As you tell us, every "Formulator" form has a 'header' attribute,
this means you are trying to access "header" on something different
from a "Formulator" form.

I cannot tell you what this is...

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