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Now the problem is with a manager user too (yesterday this user works ok)
I try to inspect the process to see where it fails but seems to be ok
The error is raised when Zope try to commit the changes

This is the traceback:

Traceback (innermost last):
 Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 121, in publish
 Module Zope2.App.startup, line 240, in commit
 Module transaction._manager, line 96, in commit
 Module transaction._transaction, line 380, in commit
 Module transaction._transaction, line 378, in commit
 Module transaction._transaction, line 433, in _commitResources
 Module ZODB.Connection, line 484, in commit
 Module ZODB.Connection, line 526, in _commit
 Module ZODB.Connection, line 553, in _store_objects
 Module ZODB.serialize, line 407, in serialize
 Module ZODB.serialize, line 416, in _dump
 Module copy_reg, line 69, in _reduce_ex
TypeError: can't pickle instancemethod objects

Somehow you are trying to store a method that has been bound to an instance of a class. You should investigate the object that you are trying to store and see what it really consists of.

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