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Hi Jonathan,
I'm sure that what you said is right but
1) I tried to change my script performing a manage_add that should be performed after timeout. Nothing happened.

My guess is that there is a bug in your timeout script. Debugging scripts that get invoked on TOC timeout can be tricky. I put my timeout routines in external methods so that I can easily write out debug info to a log file.

2) However the only way I see is:
  a- keep the session id in the request
  b- if request.savedsessionid<>session.id then alert "session timed out"

If i understand correctly, what you are trying to accomplish is:

1- user starts a session and then has x minutes of inactivity
2- at x + 1 minutes the session timesout
3- at x+2 (or later) minutes the user restarts the session and you want to display a warning/timed-out message

If this is the case, then one possible solution (and there is always more than one solution!) is to store the session id in a cookie on the user's pc, then you could test: if cookieSessionId != session.id...


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